Après moi le deluge

& & & Be afraid of the lame;
They'll inherit your legs.
& & & Be afraid of the old;
They'll inherit your souls,
& & & Be afraid of the cold;
They'll inherit your blood.
& & & Apres moi, le deluge;After me comes the flood......
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The first game of the FINALS at the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, which Fisk University (with my help) won!

Our mics weren’t working at the beginning, but whatever.


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Blood drips from Bruce’s finger as he brings the fresh cut to his lips. He’s sitting in the RV’s doorway, one foot on the step and one on the ground. There are chips and flakes of wood scattered across his lap and the ground.

He still hasn’t gotten the hang of whittling. It was something he had taught himself to make basic tools and arrows, but it wasn’t until recently that he began attempting to use the skill for recreation.

The misshapen wooden figure is set aside as Bruce tends to his nicked finger. Considering the number of bandages wrapped around a few of his other digits this isn’t the first mistake of the day.

'Stressed' wasn't even the proper way to describe how Berezi had been feeling in the past few weeks. On top of her former worries based upon the nature of her occupation and her contract, and then of her empty base and disappearing teammates, she now had an angry Sniper who would no doubt be bent on a little bit of vengeance for being hacked at with a hatchet for her to look for. Perhaps it wasn't what normal people had to be stressed about, but it was her life.

Needless to say, finding time to simply relax was all but impossible. She’d been spending time away from her room, her one safe place, and instead had found little nooks and crannies about the base to curl up in and simply hide. Today, however, she didn’t want to take that coward’s course. She wanted to act like a regular person, talk to someone, eat something, or simply sit and read, like she used to.

Of everyone left on the base, Bruce was her first choice. She didn’t need to look far, thankfully, finding him with his RV, sucking on a nick on his finger, evidently from the knife and little wooden…. thing he’d been working on. Uncharacteristically, she walked up to the man, picking up the figure and looking it over.

"What ees eet supposed to be?"

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*He seems distracted by the mirror for almost ten minutes, before he actually remembers that the RED is there.* 

You gave me … the most attractive person in existence. That’s something more thoughtful then I thought you were capable of.

*Rolls her eyes, contemplating just walking away.*

Good. Alright then, my work ees done ‘ere, I will leave you two alone.

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Song: Bad Girls
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Bad Girls
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Bad Girls - M.I.A.

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*Grabs it and opens it.* …?

*There’s a mirror inside. The back looks to be polished silver.*

You could use eet more than me.

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*Tosses a brown paper bag at him*

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There's a plastic egg sitting in a pencil cup on Berezi's desk. Inside are two gumballs .


She takes the egg cautiously, looking it over, before opening it. The two gumballs roll into her palm, and she inspects them briefly before popping one into her mouth and chewing.

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